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Chiwamitra Cancer Hospital, Ubonratchathani Province

    Chiwamitra Cancer Hospital, Ubonratchathani Province. This is a private hospital specializing in cancer, providing comprehensive diagnosis and treatment services for cancer patients with modern technology. Medical specialists team and nurses with a lot of experience. This cancer hospital is committed to treating all types of cancer along with taking care of the environment. Patients at Chiwamitra Cancer Hospital, Ubonratchathani will experience an environment conducive to treatment, that makes the patient feel relaxed both physically and mentally. Chiwamitra Cancer Hospital, Ubonratchathani uses imported technology from the United States and Europe to treat all types of cancer. There are also medical specialists with experience in treating cancer. You can be assured that every patient will receive close care and attention from medical specialists throughout treatment.

Chiwamitra Cancer Hospital, The first private cancer hospital in Ubonratchatani, Thailand. The choice for innovative cancer treatment and quality of living
“Precision treatment for your body and mind”

Chiwamitra Cancer Hospital services

Chiwamitra Cancer Hospital is a private cancer treatment hospital, specializing in comprehensive cancer treatment. Focus on holistic treatment with a patient-centered approach.

Cancer diagnosis service

Chiwamitra Cancer Hospital uses Computed Tomography or CT scan, a new technology of computer radiography in cancer diagnosis services. Helps medical professionals plan cancer treatment with more precision and efficiency.

Comprehensive cancer treatment:

1. Radiation Therapy is a method that uses radiation from a radiation machine directed to the area where there are cancer cells.
2. Chemotherapy is a cancer treatment method that uses anticancer drugs. These drugs will destroy cancer cells or stop the growth of cancer cells.
3. Heat wave therapy (Hyperthermia) is a method of treating cancer by using heat wave to destroy cancer cells.

The work of the medical team

Chiwamitra Cancer Hospital is a center for cancer treatment with many specialist doctors covering all fields. Our team of cancer treatment specialists will create an individualized treatment plan that is most appropriate for each patient. They completely provide information and treatment options to patients and their relatives, to make an appropriate decision on receiving treatment.

Features of Chiwamitra Cancer Hospital

Chiwamitra Cancer Hospital is a hospital specialized in cancer, focusing on holistic treatment with a patient-centered approach with modern technology, comprehensive service, medical specialist, and convenient location. To give patients confidence in treatment and receive the best care.

1. Focus on patient-centered

2. Modern technology 3. Comprehensive services 4. Medical expert team 5. Convenient location

Chiwamitra Cancer Hospital, Ubonratchathani is committed to providing treatment for cancer patients with international standards. Also provide patients with the best treatment to have a better quality of life. +CMH

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